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Not really; the 1 minute agitation times actually work out pretty well. It gives me enough time to run around the house and get other little jobs done while it's developing. I actually make it a rather productive time. Since I develop film in my kitchen and not tucked away in a darkroom, in between agitations I get the dishwasher loaded, countertops cleaned, maybe get a load of laundry going, etc. I actually don't mind it as much as, say, TX400 in D-76. Even though it's 1/2 the amount of development time, the 30 second agitations don't really give me any time to turn my back and get anything else done.

Having said that, my primary B&W is TX400 in D-76, which I actually find rather laborious to develop as it requires pretty much constant attention. That and I find the 120 size MUCH more annoying to spool than Ilford films. Oh but that classic Kodak look.... makes it all worth it!
First, with all that chemical on your hands / counter / etc, you shouldn't be doing dishes or doing laundry or as the next poster said making coffee... That's just too chemically risky to me.

I don't get the 120 to ilford comment... All of my ilford is 120....

Do you use plastic or SS reels? If you use plastic, don't use the Patterson spools they are terrible, use JOBO spools, ironically I like the Patterson tanks much better and find the JOBO tanks leaky and lame, but the opposite with the spool/reels. They have an extra tongue sticking out that makes them super easy to load.


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