I been working on this pinhole project for a few weeks, getting some advice here on some of the particulars. Yes, I know folks will want to see images produced with it and that will get done. It is a very few hours away from completion and thought I'd share an image of it on its back in the paint booth. It is your basic box with a pinhole . . . well, maybe not totally basic. The front is a woodcut from a solid piece of maple from which I made a few prints prior to cutting the hole for the Skink pinhole. Both the sides have silk screened images from 16/17th century etchings about camera obscuras/darkness and light/good and evil. The top has silk screened technical information. It was made as a 3-D print making project for a class I am taking. Although I have and use several other pinhole cameras, this is my first attempt at making one. Bill Barber