Holy crap you guys are right, this camera could get very addictive. I took some test shots and managed to produce a few decent looking negatives. I also managed to load film backwards the first time, double expose one frame the second time AND ruined two frames because my light meter (which I never use) is apparently off by about a dozen stops.

Focusing with a loupe on the ground glass is pretty much the greatest thing ever.

Tray processing seemed to work OK but I'm definitely keen for something more efficient and doesn't involve me sloshing around in the chemicals with my fingers. .

Thanks everyone for all the really good suggestions and links.

That drum technique is a definitely possibility, I will check what different color drums I have downstairs. I know some are Cibachrome and some are Unicolor and I have the agitating machine so that could be one possibility.

That MOD 54 gadget looks like a pretty simple solution, and I like doing stuff in tanks. I'm not sure if I have the correct Patterson tank I have a bunch of plastic ones that I don't use at all so I will have to check.