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I do agree that out of 100 Lomo-shooters, there will be _maybe_ 10 who will grow out of that phase (and they will) and may look to move on to "controllable creativity", because they may want to know why some effect happened and how they can repeat that exact effect. That's new blood to a shrinking community.
- I would say though, that 90% of the people here, did not start out by perfecting the zone system or with "one film, one dev, do not try anything else before you master that first", most folks here shot with what they had and the film they could get hold of in the beginning.

Shooting with Holga and other Toy cameras (besides "normal" cameras) myself I know some other people doing that. Most of them started taking pictures on film because they wanted to be cool and show their own style. About 20% of them started asking questions because they wanted a better control of the process. I showed them some things and how to develop film at home. Some enlarge B+W at home now, colour goes hybrid most of the time.

To sum it up: Don't be shy, every help is needed to keep film alive. And it is just another way of taking pictures. The discussion about this reminds me sometimes of my youth when I heard "This is not real music, you should hear classic music!!!". I'm referring to what is called now "Classic" Rock