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So, in that first session I mixed up 2.2 liters at 1+10 and actually only toned approx ten 30x40cm prints @ 4 mins each - that's not much toning really, is it? The solution was then poured into a concertina'd container for storage... given that I only did about ten prints, the solution in the bottle is probably still good to go for a few more prints yet at 4 mins, would you think? Will it be good to go right out of the bottle like that after a month or two, or three? Maybe I should just put in 100mls of concentrate to get it up to speed.... ? I mean, I don't want to put too much in..... when is too much?!
Your toner is good for many more prints. When you get around to toning again, filter the solution through a coffee filter in a funnel before using to remove any possible precipitate.

If you are seeing a change in the image due to toning, and I assume you are, then that is your guide to toner exhaustion. When toning times get too long, simply add 25-30ml of concentrate to your toning solution to replenish.