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Holy crap you guys are right, this camera could get very addictive. I took some test shots and managed to produce a few decent looking negatives. I also managed to load film backwards the first time, double expose one frame the second time AND ruined two frames because my light meter (which I never use) is apparently off by about a dozen stops.

Focusing with a loupe on the ground glass is pretty much the greatest thing ever.
Large format is just abound with opportunities to screw up images, including:

- Double exposure (as you found);
- No exposure;
- Over-exposure as forgot to stop down to shooting aperture;
- "Dark slide" timed exposure as forgot to close the shutter after composition and focus;
- Underexposure due to incorrect filter or bellows factor;
- And that is without getting into a discussion of roll film backs...

Being systematic in your routine will reduce some of the errors, but unless you put your 4x5 kit in the closet and leave it there, you may not otherwise eliminate them.

Congratulations on your plunge into the start of the deep-end of photography and enjoy the water. We are more likely to regret what we did not do, rather than what we do.

Looks like you are off to a great start...