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ORWO once had about 14,000 employees and Filmotec has about 25. (Just to give the uninitiated reader a hint at the proportions.)
Yes, but from these 14,000 at the whole factory complex in Wolfen about 6,000 had worked in the film production directly.
The others worked in the different huge parts of this factory complex, in the cellulose, gelatin and fiber production, and in the power plant.
Nevertheless, the film production plant there has been the biggest in Europe for a long time, and the second biggest worldwide. Only Kodak in Rochester has been bigger.
The whole area in Wolfen was gigantic, bigger than lots of smaller cities.
I've just recently been there and visited it. Very impressive.

The oldest film production building is still standing: In it now there is the excellent "Industrie- und Filmmuseum Wolfen" http://www.ifm-wolfen.de/.
With the original machinery exhibited there you can explore the whole film production process, from production of the film base, emulsion making, coating and all the converting steps up to the finished product. The excellent guides explain all production steps in detail.
And there you can see the original coating machine from 1936, on which the first Agfacolor color film was made.
By the way, this machine run until 1989 (!!). But not as a color film coating machine, but for test and correction coatings.

I can highly recommend a visit of this unique museum. Extremely interesting!

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