I want to give you a link to a quite nice video showing the current production of Impossible Project film:


But interestingly it is indeed not only about instant film, but in the first part of this video you can see the coating of color negative film (which is an essential component part of Impossible / Polaroid film).
The coating is made with a state of the art multilayer curtain coater. And that is very good presented here in full action.
Readers of Robert Shanebrook's excellent book "Making Kodak Film" (highly recommended!) know the pictures of this production method and the machinery.
Here in this video you can see the layers "flowing". The layers flow on each other, but without mixing.

This first production step of production of the color negative film component is made by the company InovisCoat in Monheim, Germany: www.inoviscoat.de
The film is then shipped to the Impossible factory in Enschede, Netherlands (Enschede is not so far away from Monheim, and just at the border of Netherlands - Germany).
InovisCoat is run by former Agfa engineers and technicians from the former Agfa plant in Leverkusen, Germany.
They have bought lots of the original Agfa machinery from the insolvency of Agfa, Leverkusen.
They then moved to Monheim, built a new, state of the art modern factory, and modernised and downscaled the Agfa machines for a future, economic viable production.
They are much smaller than Kodak, Fujifilm, Agfa-Gevaert (Belgium), Ilford, Lucky or Foma.
They are not only cooperating as a production partner with Impossible Project, but also (longest cooperation) with Adox, e.g. producing the MCC and MCP papers for Adox (emulsion making and coating; converting is done at the new Adox factory).

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