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I'm mainly going to use for 120. I know Costco doesn't do those, so I would have to take to speciality lab which charges 7.50 a roll. I scan the color negs in high end neg scanner. I'm thinking this going to work perfect.

Walmart does 120 and 220 through their send out service. Walmart seems to have stopped returning negatives for 35mm C-41 film in various regions of the United States, but I still get my 120 and 220 C-41 and E-6 stuff processed there no problem. For 120 and 220 C-41 rolls developing only is $0.84. I develop all my own B&W, but I can't beat the cost of Walmart's send out service when it comes to C-41. E-6 at Walmart is something like $4.88. That's for 120 and 220. I have the bulk of my stuff done through Walmart's send out service. If I have something really special like a once in a lifetime trip I use NCPS. I believe the Walmart stuff goes to Dwayne's. It takes two weeks to come back depending on the day you drop it off.