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Holy crap you guys are right, this camera could get very addictive.
I had one camera, a Nikon N-75 and a 28mm to 300mm Tamron zoom lens that I used to take color prints. I was happy.
Then I joined APUG ...
So I bought a 20mm to 35mm Nikon zoom lens
then a Nikon F-100 and a Nikon 28mm to 200mm zoom to take black & white photographs
picked up a Chromega Chromatic II 5D-XL enlarger
had to go back and get the Omega 150 drum print dryer
then a Mamiya C330 with 65mm, 80mm, and 180mm lenses
sold the Mamiya and bought a Hasselblad 503 CX and a 250mm lens
then 80mm Hasselblad lens,
next 50mm Hasselblad lens,
ran out and bought a Jobo CPA2
found and bought a Jobo CPP2
sold the Jobo CPA2
needed and bought a 150mm Hasselblad lens,
had to have and bought a Hasselblad 903 SWC
bought a 1928 4"x5" Graflex Model D
called the seller up and rushed back to get a 4"x5" Pacemaker Speed Graphic
ended up with a Tessina Auto 35 with a daylight loader, prism, canisters and cartridges
bought the Jobo 3010 Expert Drum
added a Voitlander Vito II
several lenses for the Speed Graphic
could not resist collecting barrel lenses for the Graflex including an Imagon
picked up a Brownie Hawkeye Flashmodel Camera
just could not pass up a WideLux F7
I have two freezers with no longer available 35mm, 120mm and 4"x5" film ...

I have over 10,000 APUG posts and I wonder why the Hell did I ever get started @#$^W#*& APUG!!!

You, poor sole, have not the slight inkling of how fatally doomed you are!

You are now committed to spend eternity buying just one more lens or one last camera. May your spouse, your children, your grandchildren, and God have mercy on your damned sole!