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I'm confused. I measured the window, the manual and camerapedia link clearly state it's for 120 film, and that it takes 3x4.5cm frames.... And you still say it won't work as designed?

I usually look up to most of you for information, but y'all seem to be so against the fact that this size frame just isn't possible. What is it about this camera that makes y'all thing it's wrong, or I'm wrong or whatever?

All I really wanted to know was how to advance it to get properly spaced negatives.
I don't think you're wrong or anything,I'm just amazed that a camera would take the supposed benefit of 120 film,a 6 cm side,and shorten it,while still using 120 film.Seems like it would be easier to use another format.Having said that,I'm fascinated by strange old cameras myself-Good Luck!