Thanks for that. Of course the 3 questions with their attendant risks that Fuji has to ask itself when considering 120 also applies to 35mm. The answers to the three questions you pose above might have been: "No", "no" and "none" and yet it has taken the chance of re-starting it in 35mm . I don't know the economics of re-starting the 35mm film but I do wonder whether a "let's wait and see" approach about starting the 120 makes sense.

It might have been sensible to re-start both together to send a message to Fuji users that Fuji was still into B&W film for the long term

I suspect that if Ilford had been faced with the same problem as Fuji and had then solved the issue concerning the banned material it would have re-launched both together.

Ilford had to rise like the mythical phoenix out of the ashes when it was bought out and there must have been a great temptation to re-start cautiously but it sent out a loud and clear message that it was committed and it seems to have worked.