I am NOT new. Well, compared to some of the folks, I'm new but I've been in my own darkroom for 3+ years. I can make identical prints in any size if the definition of "identical" is by looking at the shadow and see one shade and looking at the highlight and see another shade. That means same density and same contrast.

What I cannot seem to figure out is, when I change the size, the over-all impression of the print changes for these technically identical prints. If I put those identical prints side by side and look, they look different. Based on my eyes, they are not identical. I really don't care that much that prints are identical technically. I do care and want prints that are the same. (visually)

In the past, I sort of figured out, as I go larger, I have to increase contrast a bit and reduce exposure a bit. This is a fairly dark print. I am asking, if anyone has any experience in making the print LOOK the same and which direction changes will generally have to take place.

By the way, I don't mind spending time in my darkroom. It's never a such thing as "too much work" provided I get what I want. I once spent 3 months on just one print. I finally got what I wanted. Yay.