That's the one, Acufine is my preferred developer for low light situations, I've gone through many, many gallons of it over the past 2 or 3 years.

Delta 3200 however, I would process in DD-X or D76. I personally use D76, and find that the Ilford recommended times are way off. I shoot at 3200 or 6400, and generally process in straight D76 for between 18 and 24 minutes, depending on what the lighting conditions were. It's a very, very low contrast film, so it can really handle some abuse in developing, I rarely blow a highlight so badly that I can't print it back down, to the point where I have started a roll in my Hasselblad or Rolleiflex the night before in pitch black, pushing to 6400 or 12500, and then finished it the next day in cloudless mid day sunlight.

Having printed negatives from both sides of the roll, I really don't have many complaints.

For example: I thought this was Plus-X in my Hasselblad, I was a bit surprised when a roll of D3200 fell into my hand when I reloaded the film back.