More than frustrating is when like yesterday I discovered while re-organizing my freezer, 7 rolls of K64-135, 3 rolls of K64-120, one roll of Kodachrome II-828, and one roll of Kodachrome-x-135 and one REEL of Kodachrome (something, probably K-II but I don't want to open the tin) 8mm movie film...

All tha will never be shot.. I don't even have a camera that takes 828 so I don't know why I have it, probably came with a lot of other stuff I bought.

The 35mm stuff is all from my Kodachrome project in 2010, I had extra rolls left over and froze them, they were all still good when I did, actually I mailed Dan Bayer a few rolls, at the time I just couldn't afford to process the leftovers, in fact I think I sold 10 rolls for $100 to another photographer at Dwayne's because I was so broke I didn't have enough money for gas and food to get back to the airport... That trip took me 2 years to recover from financially...

I don't have a reason for posting, except I wanted to share with someone who might understand.

I guess it would be nice to shoot it all, but not at $2,000 per roll haha


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