there were/are several 120 format cameras and they were all pretty different.
it wasn't 1 body for everything ... i had a II as well as a 24s. one had a collapsable lens a few shutter speeds
and a flash sync, they are pretty much like a 120 box camera but italian, cast aluminum, futuristic-50s and much cooler looking than a 50s brownie..
the removable mask was a pretty funny idea. there are a lot of multi format box cameras i have and use an agfa which uses fins that flip up
and mask the film area, and 2 windows ( like the bencini ) the only drawback for the bencini's removable mask pieces/clips
is they are small and can be lost ( and usually are by the time they reach ebay ). the bencini has a viewer and it is eye level the boxes are usually
waist level milk glass ... PITA...

the 127 comet was pretty fun .... even thought it was made in the 60s/70s(?)
it shot vertical and looked like a 1990s / 2000s camcorder.. much more fun than a kodak flashfun ...

in the end most cameras are goofy and exactly the same a box and a shutter ...