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I'm confused. I measured the window, the manual and camerapedia link clearly state it's for 120 film, and that it takes 3x4.5cm frames.... And you still say it won't work as designed?

I usually look up to most of you for information, but y'all seem to be so against the fact that this size frame just isn't possible. What is it about this camera that makes y'all think it's wrong, or I'm wrong or whatever?

All I really wanted to know was how to advance it to get properly spaced negatives.
I never said it won't work but it's going to have possible film flatness issues, but then it was a budget camera anyway and film flatness was a problem with many cameras which it competed with at the time and particularly the Instamatics introduced slightly after. The way there's no film rollers either side and the wide rebates would indicate that even with a pressure plate on the back it would be difficult to hold the 120 film flat.

It's just a rather strange design, why would you design a camera to shoot a 127 half frame size on 120 film, but as others have said one body for various film sizes would keep manufacturing costs low. They are often refered to as Toy cameras.