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If you are paranoid about things getting lost in transit on the way to the lab
I'm less worried about loss (although that's certainly a possibility) but more worried about abuse (x-ray, heat, etc). Somehow I doubt my film is going to have much climate control between a Guatemalan post office and my friends or a lab in the states, for example.

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You shouldn't even complain if you have a fridge and a car.
Nice reply - thanks for the info. I'm less concerned than I was but if I knew of a way to safely send a batch of film home I would do it. I'm guessing that is probably DHL. The only time it is a challenge for me is when I want to leave the truck for an extended time. The fridge can run for 5 or 6 days as long as the windows are open (so the interior doesn't heat up) but that's a security problem. So far I've had good luck bringing the film with me or getting a hotel or friend to hold onto it for me when I'm away from the vehicle.