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So, adelorenzo, got enough advice yet?
I'll take everything I can get.

Seriously though thanks everybody for all the really helpful replies. I'll try some different stuff and see what works best for me.

I'm still in disbelief about what I picked up. I paid $190 for a Toyo CX 45, Rodenstock 150mm lens, four film holders, 50 sheets of Tmax 100 and a cable release. Everything in like-new condition.

It turns out that my scanner (Epson 500) won't do large format so I'll have to make contacts and scan those, but for the time being here is a partial scan of my first-ever successful sheet of 4x5 film. The top and bottom of the frame are cropped by the scanner, unfortunately. I didn't have a lot of light for ISO 100 film so had to shoot at 1/30 which mean's it's not pin sharp but I'm still really excited about the possibilities of this camera. This is basically a straight scan all I did was a little bit of highlight recovery.