#1-75mm f4.5 Tominon in a Polaroid/Copal #1 press shutter.
Probably from one of their copy cameras so it should cover the pack size filmGlass is unscratched, no cleaning marks or fungus and the shutter runs smoothly at all speeds.(T,B,1-125 sec.)with flange.

$45.00.......insured & shipped to US. International at actual rates.

#2-120mm f 5.6 Leitmeyr Weitwinkel Anastigmat in Seikosha-S shutter. for 4X5(?) it's the right sort of focal length for 4X5, 120mm wide angle.
just a guess though. Physically very small. the shutter measures 2 3/8" front element is 1 1/4"
Shutter is working nice & smooth,, Speeds are B, 1-1/500, no hesitancy or stuttering on slow speeds. faster speeds look OK to my calibrated eyeball. IE: they progressively increase/decrease as the speed ring is changed.
Glass surfaces are very clean. BUT! when held at an angle to a light source it shows a light haze. Has no effect on sharpness but will reduce contrast.

$65.00 insured and shipped to US. International at actual rates.
Paypal is preferred and I pay the fees.