Hi folks,
Well, the Advent Season won't begin until next Sunday, but here's a very good+ Nikon 4004s you can get early. I think the only thing that keeps it out of the excellent category is that a prior owner (we'll call him Rocco) faintly scratched his name and some number on the bottom plate. If you don't know it is there, you probably won't see it, though. And there's no doubt this would make a good Christmas present for somebody...especially somebody with a Nikon autofocus lens or three. The last time I used it, I combined it with a Tamron 70~300 lens and took absolutely great shots of the Austin Marathon using a roll of Dollar Store film. In my opinion, this is a "no-complaints" camera. You can do lots with it. Auto focus, manual focus, auto shutter, manual shutter. Shutter speeds up to 1/2000, auto-aperture settings from 1.2 to 32. Lots of variability and all using common AA batteries. All you'll need is the time to enjoy it and as I mentioned an auto-focus lens or two. $30 plus actual cost of postage.

PayPal ok for international buyers, but check, cash or money order for domestic buyers please.

If questions, please ask.