I've had the below post on the cinematography forum but have had no response. Just wondering if any folk here might have some thoughts about this.....

I'm about to try my hand at tank developing some B&W Orwo (UN54 & N74) 16mm.
The only info I have about times comes from the Massive Development Chart on the net which lists times for 35mm still film.
Can I use those times for 16mm film or do I need to alter those times at all?

BTW, I plan to use Fomadon R09 as the developer at a dilution of 1:40. The MassDevChart doesn't list times for this developer but it does for Rodinal which is 1:50. I was told Fomadon is similar to Rodinal and to dilute a bit less than the recommended for Rodinal.
Does this stand to reason for those with more experience?