Hi all, first post.

I've had a love hate relationship with film. I used to have a Hassy H1
with the film back and still have an Eos 3 around but because I shoot professionally the convenience of Digital is something I have to have for speed.

But, I want to get myself a decent film Rangefinder. I travel a lot, on my own regularly and I like to shoot digital but also work some film too because nothing touched it.

So I looked at all sorts of cameras, the RZ being a strong contender, the GX680 being another but ultimately I need something more portable than that hence the rangefinders.

However, it seems every day I'm finding something new. I was looking at the Mamiya 7 as a very strong contender, then I stumbled across the latest fuji GF670 which is also a Voigtlander Bessa, but the older versions seem to have an interchangeable lens...etc.

In short, I'd like to know what is a good one to buy. I want to shoot digital but also the same scene with film. I'd really prefer interchangeable lenses and it must be 6x7 or bigger because as I already have a Hassy I could just buy another body whilst using my existing lenses. Budget wise, it's not too bad providing the camera is worth it (value being relative to quality).

Any help would be much appreciated. A good viewfinder for focusing would be lovely too.