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I never hide a camera, usually tell her than I'm going to buy one (or one lens, or whatever). She usually disagrees, as she thinks I should be able to do everything with one camera and one lens.

On the long term, I'm not sure she's wrong, but she would not agree on the camera I'd keep : my most essential one is the Rolleiflex, while she thinks the EOS3 "she" bought me (the one we bought while agreeing about buying it) is the only one I should need...

Of course, I usually get the "silent treatment" when she strongly disagrees (she kept "not knowing" about the Yashica Mat 124 for one year :-D )
Gee, she not only decides that you only need one camera and one lens, but also decides which one camera and which one lens. And then they talk about parity! Try to tell her she only needs one dress, and which one