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crappy photos from "hipster" cameras?
obviously folks that say this have never...
Have never what? Looked at the ridiculous prices on the lomography website?

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i have seen more crappy photos from people
who use expensive cameras ( leica, hassy, ebony & al. )
who think that because they use an expensive camera
it automatically means they produce stellar photographs.
Please actually visit the lomography website. Look at this fixed aperture single shutterspeed POS for $200! Seriously. You need to spend $200 on a POS to be "creative?" I got a mint Canon Elan 7NE and 50mm 1.8 for less than that piece of crap. It's Lomography that is selling expensive cameras to dumb hipsters.

I like lomography because it adds more film buyers into the mix. No one is denying in the hands of an expert consistently good quality creative work can be produced. But to claim that somehow using a $200 POS fixed aperture single shutter speed camera will make you take better pictures than a cheaper Elan 7NE setup is stretching things. Don't you think so? Only when it comes to "art" do people have these discussions.