80$ for a 35mm film movie camera ...
that doesn't sound too expensive to me,
seeing a 8mm bolex costs probably that much ( had a few of them )
a 16mm bolex costs a small fortune ( had one of them )
and a current 35mm movie camera costs multiples of that
... and a vintage one, well who knows if they work.
plenty of other stuff for less than 100$ too .. not everything there was $200.

i find it funny that people are so pissed off about lomo cameras
their "aesthetic" and the crowd they sell to ..
much more fun going on there than at a "large format workshop"

who knows maybe after they get tired of their lomo they will buy a
thrift store camera ( will it work ? ) and "up/down grade" to being a bottom feeder
on ebay or places like this ... or maybe the lomo is pretty much the only thing they will want ?

who cares .. i sure don't
( but i might ask for a kino for my birthday )