It pains me to sell this but I haven't shot with it in over a year and don't think i will in the near future (all my 4x5 gear is sold). It's by far my favorite 4x5 lens and is tiny compared to the coverage it gives. I have it mounted on a seiko shutter and have a home made aperture scale pasted on it (see pic). Here's a link if you want info on this incredible lens

I will include the linhof technica type board and the minolta cable release (this is by far the best cable release you can find). Original caps included and I might also have the original barrel mount (I need to check)

Here are the pics

Nothing much to say. The optics are great, No fungus, haze or any other issues. a few specks of internal dust but that's it.

Looking to get $1000 for the lens (includes shipping to the US)