What the Lomography company does is offering kind of package.
In times when film cameras, except for single-use ones, long have been wiped off the shelves, in some cities you can enter a shop with all these weird looking cameras and accessories and get all that fancy stuff.
The alternative of some 2nd hand film cameras sitting on the shelves of a camera store may not even exist in those cities.
There still would be thrift-shops and fleamarkets. But there the uninitiated would not even know what type of film that camera takes.

I got my Diana, still in box with bulb flash, at a fleamarket for 4€. But that was the only sample I saw in years. And I still would have to look for the bulbs. And had to clean the flash compartment from the residues of leaked batteries.

In a large city nearby I meanwhile can get a re-made Diana with kind of ever-ready electronic flash for about 20x the price I paid.