I am not and will not process this film so people can simply indulge themselves by finding something to shoot just for the sake of using kodachrome. That's what Dwaynes 2011 cut off was for! The time and effort in processing kodachrome in colour by hand coupled by the fact that there is no profit margin in my costing of $260.00 a roll makes it simply not worth it.

I would only process on application if there was something historically significant left unprocessed on pre existing / pre exposed rolls of film. I would wish to discuss with a client before hand what is on the roll and see previous works of theirs before commencing colour Kodachrome development. I would also like to know the history of the films storage.

I don't mean to sound unfriendly. I was merely testing the waters in terms of processing costs. I was not implying that I am going to launch this as a commercial service for any Tom , Dick or Harry.