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Hi. I'm a doctor from Brazil. Sorry if my English is poor.
I have some advices about this question. I did photos of my sister-in-law at maternyard. I used a digital with speeds ranging 1/200-1/60 and apertures 5.6 to 11. The iso was 800 to 3200. I was expecting much less light, but the lights from the top (we call this "focus lighting") over the surgical field and the lights of the baby's warmer are very strong, so using delta 3200 rated 1600-3200 are very good choices.
Another advice is about medical personnel: while in OR you are a stranger doing strange things. Probably you will have very limited time and space for doing your pictures. Dont touch anything, dont speak loud and dont use flashes. Flashlights are not allowed here in brazil in OR because surgeons dont like all that lights popping at room.

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Thank you, that advice and those reasons make sense.