As I hinted above at the alternative of using a Agfa Rondinax-60:

I just had a look at a Rondinax-35, out of me old stuff collection. This one resembles in its basic construction the type 60.

-) the plastification of the pull-ribbon has hardened and fractured
(easy to replace by nylon-filament or -ribbon)

-) the rubber O-ring, sealing the reel-axle, has hardened and fractured

-) the stem of the thermometer is stuck at 35C
(most probably the glass tube has broken due to overheating of the stem with the black tank sitting in the sun in open box)

-) I did not check the thermometer sealing

So, expect problems when acquiring a Rondinax. For 35mm use there is the modern Jobo daylight loading tank, resembling their current tank system.

For travelling, with no means on improvising on a darkened room, I don't see the advantage at all of these tanks, as who is able to take films, tank, beakers etc. with him, should be able to add a changing bag.

I rather see the advantage (if at all) rather in Easy-Loading than in Daylight-Loading. I also have people with manual disabilities in mind.

I think the designations of these tanks are erroneous from a marketing point of view.