That's part of what drives me to collect. I need to sit down some day (well, three-day weekend) and catalog my collection. I know it's north of 200 images, probably north of 300. Most of which cost me less than $20 each, and probably half of those were less than $10. I especially love images that tell some kind of story, even if we can't be sure what that story is at this remove, where the sitter(s) are unidentified. Like this one-

What was goinig on here? Who were they, and why were they posing together? Why were they wearing matching outfits? Were they siblings with a strange fashion sense, or co-workers at a store or other business?

Or this one-

Who was he? Was he a sailor? And why did he choose (if he chose) to go for a vignetted look that makes it seem like he's missing his legs? All we know is his name was Jack.

And what about these gentlemen?

Who were they and why the pose of affection between them? It most likely didn't mean then what it suggests now... they were probably very good friends, but not likely in a physically intimate relationship with each other.