I recently pared down my film accumulation. I started by taking a thorough inventory, then by creating a spreadsheet. I found I had less than ten rolls each of several films I wasn't particularly interested in, which I bagged up and gave away. I found I have 90+ rolls (120) of E100GX; how'd that happen? I also discovered I had two baggies with assorted 35mm film ready to shoot; why two?

Nearly all the film in the freezer is 120/220. Nearly all the film in the fridge is 135. I'm currently shooting a lot more 135 than 120 so I suppose this makes sense, sort of. I also had way more film stashed in drawers in the basement than I was aware of. Several cans of bulk 135 in the fridge, plus three or four loaders loaded, most of the bulk film was expired when I bought it... I really ought to acquire some empty cassettes and use this stuff.

(I did a really stupid thing last week, in a fit of boredom: I applied prices to my spreadsheet. Never do this.)

Most of the film went into gallon-size zip-lock bags, back into the freezer. 35mm film and 120 that I want to use up I carried downstairs and stuffed into a few empty shallow drawers that look like they're made for this kind of thing. And now I know what I have and what I don't need to purchase more of any time soon. Except I could do with some more Portra 400, and some 800 could come in handy with the darkness lingering longer, and I haven't given Delta 3200 a really good trial...