Well, "new" is not quite right, it was introduced 1 1/2 years ago. But as it only has been hinted at briefly here, I thought it a good idea to introduce. All the more so as it is surprising to see a new product in this field:

It is a system that is intended to avoid

-) the micro-chamber effect of glass slide mounts

-) the protruding out of focus of transparencies whilst being projected in glass-less mounts

by employing pins that tension the transparency.

That pinning is not a new idea, new however is the feature of adjusting the pre-tension and to correct for lateral frame position by using pin-sets with different pin positions depending of the transparency to be mounted.

The system consists of

-) 1 pair of hinged plastic frames 4x4 24x36, 3mm thick
-) 12 different flexible pin-inserts

All inserts have the same pitch (lateral distance between pins).

They differ in width between the pin rows (vertical distance to adjust pre-tension) and in lateral pin-row position (to adjust for lateral frame position due to camera misalignement).

Tension is adjusted to a certain bending of the inserts.

Outer mounts in 100pc packages, inserts in 25pc packages.
There is a kind of trial set with inserts of all vertical distances to check for ones films.

slide-mount system DIASPEED HT-XYZ

data-sheet (in German only)