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Well, the idea is that you don't take it out of the box, it's a paradox I set it up wrong, it should be...

If you leave an unexposed piece of film in a light proof box, but put a lightbulb inside on a timer that will go off randomly over the next 50 years and you leave the box outside in the sun, over the course of 50 years the film can be both exposed or not exposed at the same time and we can't be sure so you have to think of the film as both exposed and unexposed in the same instance. So it's a paradox. Sure you can add, is the film exposed as magenta or yellow or brown if you want, by saying there are 2 lightbulbs that are coated in red/yellow and you don't know which one has gone off if any or both so the film can be thought of as both unexposed/exposed/red/yellow/brown all at once

I think I just blew my own mind! My paradox is even better than Schrödinger's Cat!


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What powers the lightbulb? And why leave it in the sun if it's in a lightproof box?