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The complaint was pretty non-specific. Sometimes big prints just don't look as good as small ones, even when perfect. Sometimes they look better. Sometimes you just need more practice.
Funny, I started dividing my negative storage by intended print size because of this exact issue. Sometimes I'll proof some images and say "not a good picture" only to find out it needed to be printed large, and then some the opposite, where I start large and move smaller.

It sounds like your technique is improving, tk, but perhaps a re-visioning of the images themselves is in order.

I spoke to a very accomplished darkroom and PT/PD printer here in town and one gem of advice: when you're in the taking stage of making a photograph, imagine the size you wish it to be printed and your framing, filters, etc will be easier to sort out. There isn't one composition fits all sizes approach. So now when I look at a scene and am selecting my gear I think "what size will this be printed?" and hopefully adjust accordingly.