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I recently pared down my film accumulation. I started by taking a thorough inventory, then by creating a spreadsheet. I found I had less than ten rolls each of several films I wasn't particularly interested in, which I bagged up and gave away. I found I have 90+ rolls (120) of E100GX; how'd that happen? I also discovered I had two baggies with assorted 35mm film ready to shoot; why two?

Nearly all the film in the freezer is 120/220. Nearly all the film in the fridge is 135. I'm currently shooting a lot more 135 than 120 so I suppose this makes sense, sort of. I also had way more film stashed in drawers in the basement than I was aware of. Several cans of bulk 135 in the fridge, plus three or four loaders loaded, most of the bulk film was expired when I bought it... I really ought to acquire some empty cassettes and use this stuff.

(I did a really stupid thing last week, in a fit of boredom: I applied prices to my spreadsheet. Never do this.)

Most of the film went into gallon-size zip-lock bags, back into the freezer. 35mm film and 120 that I want to use up I carried downstairs and stuffed into a few empty shallow drawers that look like they're made for this kind of thing. And now I know what I have and what I don't need to purchase more of any time soon. Except I could do with some more Portra 400, and some 800 could come in handy with the darkness lingering longer, and I haven't given Delta 3200 a really good trial...
That's a lot of film.

I would shoot the Ektachrome now, mine (EPP) is stating to show issues in the highlights area, I also got it from a guy who "swore" it was frozen but then it didn't come in bags and was open so I'm not sure if its good. But the price was right and it's mostly for fun.

ANYWAY the rest of it (aside from the 70mm) is off the shelf so it's good.

Want any of my portra 400? also some portra 160VC in 220.

It's not in the kinds of quantities you have, it's like 6 here, 4 here etc. but it's worth noting that I'll trade them


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