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Problem fixed.

My Hasselblad is as sharp as a tack now.

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Sorry, but it still looks a little fuzzy! I think you should send the camera body, lens and back to me and I'll test it for you. It might take a few years, but will be well worth it. For me anyway! When you have a good working "Blad" you can no longer blame the equipment. I moved up from a Bronica S2A(many moons ago) to a Hasselblad 500C outfit and have been smitten from then on. It's not that the Bronica wasn't a very good camera/system, but the V-Blad system was just that much better. It was also that the Zeiss glass rendered a "look" that always made me smile. I will admit that I've had two bodies(EL and ELM) that I've had problems with, along with several lenses that had to be "tuned-up" from time to time. A photo-nut friend of mine, the one who I bought the 500C from, said it was an investment. I don't know about that so much anymore, but it is a pleasure. JohnW