No camera, in and of itself, has ever been an investment for me either. I'm just far too rough on my gear. It's why I can never justify buying new/mint equipment. If someone tomorrow, out of the blue, gave me a flawlessly mint condition original Lecia M3 kit, I'd be afraid to even touch it. It'd go straight up on ebay/craigslist.

But yeah, what led me to start obsessing over "blads" was one, I already had a love for 6x6/square-format images from being taught film photography on my Mamiya C220, and two, almost every truly brilliantly rendered photo I would find online, especially ones of fairly average subjects, seemed to come from Hasselblad users, and especially if they were shooting chrome.

I still love and rave over my C220, but I just really appreciate that extra umph I get from my 500CM and T* lens.