Ever wish you could get the quality of Billingham in a backpack that's just the right size, not too massive? Well they made one, the Rucksack 25, and they're very rare at this point (check eBay) as they were discontinued some time back. This black backpack with brown leather trim has been out and about maybe 5 times, used primarily just to hold gear here at home.

The Rucksack is in mint minus condition, just a couple minor rubs on the leather scuff pads on the bottom of the bag. It basically looks brand new, and feels like it too. I'm the original owner.

The interior is beautifully padded and customizable with new inserts available online even though this bag has been discontinued for quite some time. It's a great size for either SLRs or Rangefinder users, even medium format, and is incredibly confortable when worn. All day trips with this pack are a pleasure, leaving your hands ad arms free unlike traditional shoulder bags.

Price Shipped and Paypal'd to the ConUS: $475. Acual insured Shipping cost to World.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this very rare bag, it's really something! You won't have to worry about someone else carrying the same bag as you when out and about, I've never seen another one.


** Please excuse the dust on the bag, I ran out of those darn swiffer dusting cloths. The bag will be dust-free when shipped.