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Hmm the quest continues! lol I wonder if I created a negative on a cyanotype, then waxed or oiled it to make it transparent, then tried to use it in an enlarger - I have heard of it being done with paper negatives. Hmm I wish there was a simple and safe way of creating images in camera that doesn't require a lab of chemicals or certain expensive chemicals. Its almost easier to pay the extra and get a large format film and make cyanotypes like everyone else lol but thats just not as fun lol
its funny that you are doing that ..
i have been working on that same trip for a few years now.

cyanotype might be the way to go but the exposure times are so slow
unless you are using a f1 you are kind of held prisoner by your process.
that is why i have settled on using either photo photo paper in camera
to make in camera non chemical prints, or hand coated paper with store bought liquid emulsion.
you GET an image without chemicals but they are unstable. liquid light i have noticed
doesn't fade like commercial paper. i have some in my desk drawer i made over a year ago
that still look like i made them yesterday, commercial paper has turned grey sitting right next to it.

i have a tank of super saturated salt water i plan on soaking some of my prints in to stabilize them ( yeah i know wishful thinking )
but my plan is to stabilize them to last long enough for an additional exposure in the sun for an hour or 2 after being waxed.

so, eventually, like you, my plan is to be without a darkroom or the need to use one ...

probably tomorrow i will make an exposure, maybe a photogram, and test the salt water.

i doubt it will do much ...