Thanks for the mention Taka!

The two main things I am aware of that cause mat board to warp are gravity and humidity so under your bed will be great. Most framing warehouses keep store their mat board vertically in and un-air-conditioned space but they are counting on it moving before it gets too bent, or the customer not caring. We have a receiving area that is not air conditioned but we only leave things in their a few days and we store all our mat board except for smaller scraps horizontal so it remains flat.

Frame Destination, Inc.

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This is more of a question to guys/gals who don't have dedicated lab/office/workspace for supplies.

I am starting to accumulate quite a bit of my framing/mounting supplies because Mark from Framedestinations keeps having sale/specials that I cannot resist. (he is evil I TELL YOU! ) The challenge is, I need to keep these supplies clean, flat, free of warp, and free of any kind of damage. Right now, they are in big bags, in a flat box, and under my bed.

Does anyone in APUG land with limited space have any unique solution to storing these supplies? If so, I'd like to know what you do. For your information, I buy them in FULL size which is 32x40.