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Bad timing; building a camera system or a camera collection, whatever your pleasure is needs to happen at the right time for your family. I could only afford to buy the cameras that I wanted, including Hasselblad about the time when my daughter finished university and I was in the 28th year of marriage. If you have some cameras as you said, just use them to entertain your hobby and be patient. A certain brand of camera will not make you a better photographer, you know that right?
Can't a second-hand Hasselblad cost only a few hundreds Euro? Is there really any need to wait for 28 years? We don't know if photography exists in 28 years. Technologies like "virtual palpation" and "digital smell" will probably be all over the internet

A search a few seconds long:

http://www.ebay.it/itm/Hasselblad-50...item20cdaee6d3 (auction with 0 offers, you never know until you make an offer, there are many like that).




With some patience and "bargain hunting" I'm sure cheaper alternatives can be found.