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That's nothing; I still have room for food in my freezer. Many here do not.

I have something like 55 rolls (mixed) of Pro 800Z, acquired when Fuji announced its discontinuance, then rescinded. I have no clue when they changed their minds again. Given the price of Portra 800 lately, I'll be using up the Pro 800Z this winter.

What really disturbs me is I have four entries on the spreadsheet for 4x5 film. Problem is I don't have a 4x5 camera. Apparently I am anticipating getting one. Really? Gee, I'd better start looking!
Haha!! Just as I had some stock of 116 before I had a folder or 220 before I had my 6x6 back that took both.

I stopped doing spreadsheets /lists for now till I cut down on some of what I plan to NOT have for long. Then when I'm down to the choice films I'll stick to them I think.

I think ilford will inevitably get all my business... I'd like to say "oh yes I shot in this and that film, while its still around, but it's a fools errand to invest in a style of film that say Kodak has, it's too expensive and they are collapsing, ilford is strong and that's where my money will go.


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