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The fact that she threw away shoes that she bought and never wore is just a huge show of insanity, or nervous breakdown, or whatever, doubling the damage (unless she recovered them a moment later after the sad show) and would have deserved an infinite ban on shoe purchase, while your commendable habit of using the cameras you buy is just a testament of your sincere passion for photography, deserving the future discretionary useless unappreciated unused shoes family budget to be entirely diverted to useful actually-used sensible beautiful film technology.

But did she really did that? It's so nonsensical it's hard to believe. And to demonstrate what? If anything it demonstrates even more fully that she is the money waster.
I agree, I hope you at least went and took out the unused ones...

If you didn't SAVE them, you should at least have donated them to those in need rather than let them go to the trash...


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