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My thanks also to Lachlan for being driver for the day. Really appreciated. My B&W films are processed. My colour ones are yet to be done. Thanks to Gary for helping me frame the image. I feel they all worked out very well. Shame I cannot get the scanner to represent the image as I know I will get on paper. Damn electronics and software.

Pictures to follow

I will be interested to see the image that eventuated Andy (however which way you wrangle it!), though I remain largely flat, uninspired and to a predictable degree, disappointed by the prevailing conditions on the day. I had a niggling feeling in the carpark that we should have stayed at the Pinnacles when that firey sunset arose that was a telling development: a bit of judicious spot metering of a fairly pedestrian outlook would have created quite a scene, and I'm not thinking of silhouetting the rocks. For what it's worth, I reckon the images of Coastal Pigface I made en route The Pinnacles will have more appeal.