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I tried this - I pointed out to my moaning and complaining wife that she had as many pairs of shoes as I had cameras.

BIG MISTAKE. I am embarrassed that, as a married man of many years, I was so foolish.

My wife likes shoes. And clothes. And handbags. Shortly after I made the 'shoes' comment... I noticed the cupboard was bare. She had thrown nearly all of her shoes in the recycling bin. Everything except her works shoes and one or two pairs for best. Everything else.... dozens of pairs of boots at 80 and more a time, shoes that had never been worn. The whole lot - in the trash. For months it was 'I can't go to xxxxx - I haven't got any shoes to wear".

You see... I like OWNING cameras. Whereas my wife... she likes BUYING shoes. It's the shopping.... And I gave her the perfect excuse to dump the lot and start all over again.

Let this be a warning. Don't try to outsmart your wife. Don't make my mistake... just put up with the constant moaning. It is the way it is suppossed to be...
Time for an attitude adjustment. Tell her that since she won't let you buy cameras but she can waste money by throwing shoes out, you are not going to renew your marriage contract at you next anniversary. Then stand back and enjoy the show!