Hello all,

I have a nice user Canon VT for sale with a Russian 55mm f2.8 lens.

The camera is in pretty nice shape. It's definitely a user but it's a good user. The silver is a little beat up and pitted but nothing that affects performance. Shutter sounds progressive in all speeds, sounds reasonable to me. I've had a couple of rolls through this camera and have had pretty nice results. I bought the camera to replace a Leica M6, and yeah, it's not that good. But it's a pretty nice camera none the less.

The viewfinder is a little yellowed but nothing that really affects performance. The only real issue with the camera is that it's missing the circle that screws onto the rangefinder window (next to the viewfinder window). This doesn't really hurt anything, other than there's the chance of the rangefinder getting knocked a bit. Even if that were to happen, it's very easy to align that part of the rangefinder yourself.

I contacted Mark Hama about getting a CLA and the rangefinder ring replaced. He quoted me $180ish. Sounds about like a normal CLA.

So the camera as stands is fully functional.

The trigger lever is really cool.

The lens is in nice shape. Aperture is snappy, focus is pretty smooth (I mean, this is a russian lens but it feels pretty buttery relative to the other copy of this lens I had).

I paid $175 for the camera alone, so $200 seems reasonable.

Here's two pictures I took with it (on crappy drugstore film, developed at the drugstore):

Untitled by Paul McEvoy, on Flickr

Memorial Hall by Paul McEvoy, on Flickr