Here is a rangefinder I'd keep if it weren't for all this doggone downsizing I'm having to do. This is a very nice Hi-Matic 9 and I consider this to be one of Minolta's best rangefinder offerings. Why? Well, lots of reasons: You can use it in manual or auto mode. In auto mode it will set the proper aperture and shutter speeds in the optimal combination. In manual mode, you have complete control of the shutter speeds from 1/1 to 1/500 and the aperture range from 1.7 to 16. The lens (a Rokkor 45mm 1:1.7) is very nice and has better coating than the other Hi-Matic models (like the 7s) so you avoid the flare some early Hi-Matics were subject to. I think the lens is a very close rival to the Auto S2 lens, actually. The camera has "Easy Flash" and the viewfinder is brighter than most.

In this one, the shutter is clean and operates excellently at all speeds. The self-timer works fine. The aperture works fine. The light seals have all been replaced. The camera has seen no abuse nor damage and wear is what I'd call less than average. Focus is smooth and easy. The rangefinder patch is bright. The meter is working and sees light exactly as does my Nikon FM2n. The lens is clear with no fungus at all. The case is in great shape...would be close to perfect but a prior owner wrote his name and address in it. Always took great pictures.

All in all, this is a fine rangefinder you should enjoy for many years. $50 plus actual postage.

PayPal ok for international buyers and check/cash/money order for domestic buyers please.

If questions, please ask.