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Are there any tricks and tips on minimizing waste on large (and expensive) paper?
From the end of my article, Making A Fine Art Print:

Now that I already know where I am going and how to get there - by following the PRINTING RECORD's recipe - the TEST PRINT can often be skipped when making greater enlargements. The first exposure for a STRAIGHT PRINT may be estimated by doubling exposure from 11X14 to 16X20, and increasing by 50% from 16X20 to 20X24 - either by increasing the time or opening up the lens - or both. In fact, the straight print, and most of the intervening WORK PRINTS may be skipped, as well. Although specific amounts of dodging and burning can change substantially from one print size to another, the total number prints required to arrive at a fine print may be reduced and much time saved by combining steps before processing the paper. Depending on the complexity of the print, it is possible to make the initial fine print with only a couple of sheets of paper.

Of course all this ease of printing tends to fall apart when printing mural sizes on roll paper. It is often impossible to match sheet sizes with identical roll paper. So I must begin testing paper all over again. Here is the exception that proves the rule about my penchant to use full sheets for the test print. I cut only enough paper from the roll to test key areas of the negative, but at least I already now generally what areas of the print will require some degree attention from the last sheet size printing record.

Additionally, the required contrast my go up with enlargement depending upon light source and/or paper.